MacDonald Monument (Dingwall)

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[MacDonald Monument]

This imposing, 100-foot tower stands proud on a bluff above Dingwall town centre, surrounded by cannons and a spacious cemetery. It's dedicated to Victorian soldier Hector MacDonald, known locally as Fighting Mac. As recently as 2019, visitors used to be able to ascend the dozens of stairs for a superb parapet panorama across the Cromarty Firth, but this is no longer permitted for safety reasons. That's a great shame, because the view from ground level is almost entirely blocked by trees. If you climb up to the monument on foot, there's at least some compensation given by a reasonable town view from the outside of one of the hairpin bends.

[View from the road to the tower]

Location & info

📌 MacDonald Monument (Dingwall) ★★
Mitchell Road, under half a mile (or 15-min steep uphill walk) south of Dingwall town centre, G.R.: NH 549584 ///reserve.heightens.elder
Always open (exterior only) | Free

[MacDonald Monument]

[MacDonald Monument]


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