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[Fishertown, Nairn]

Nairn has been established as a beach resort since Victorian times, and remains one of the most popular spots for a traditional seaside holiday on the Moray coast - though the town actually sits a few miles inside the Highland council area. The location on the boundary between the Highlands and the North East is significant - King James VI apparently commented that the High Street was so long that people at one end spoke Gaelic and those at the other end spoke Scots (or the regional Doric dialect). The shopping precinct is still attractive, and at about half a mile distant from the coast, is often missed by visitors in a hurry. We highly recommend making the journey between the centre and the coast by foot rather than by car, as the houses in between make up the very attractive suburb of Fishertown: a cluster of low-rise cottages reminiscent of Aberdeen's Footdee. Brodie Castle, Cawdor Castle and Fort George are among the excellent visitor attractions in the wider area.

[High Street]

Location & info

📌 Nairn ★★
Highland, G.R.: NH 884565 ///deeds.fountain.refuse

🚶 The beach is an easy walk from the town centre; after that you'll be on the buses.
🚆🚌 Nairn has a railway station on the Aberdeen to Inverness line. There are several local bus routes.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Nairn Beach ★★★
>> Nairn Museum (not yet featured)

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Boath Doocot (2 mi →)
>> Rait Castle ★★ (3 mi ↓)

[Nairn Beach]


[River Nairn]



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