Raven's Rock

Highland | Altass | Gorge | ★★

[Raven's Rock Gorge - paths are blocked beyond this point]

Raven's Rock serves as a stark reminder of the power and pace of weather, water and nature. The short but scenic gorge here carved out by the Allt Mòr used to be the site for one of the region's most dramatic short walks, with a series of bridges, staircases and boardwalks ingeniously threading their way along the rocky walls. This was all wiped out by a series of landslides in the early 2010s, truncating the official circular route into two very short, out-and-back trails with a total distance of well under a mile. These allow the briefest glimpse into the destroyed area and also feature a few wooden sculptures, but little else. It's still a nice site for a picnic if you're passing - the gorge lies conveniently close to a main east-west road across Sutherland - and you may catch a sighting of a red squirrel.

[Viewpoint on the upper trail]

Location & info

📌 Raven's Rock ★★
Car park is by minor road just north of Altass, G.R.: NC 498009 ///divides.eliminate.chaos
Always open | Free

💬 Map of local trails here (no. 9).

[Lower trail]

[Lower trail from the upper trail viewpoint]

[Old path through the gorge]

[Nature's power]


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