Rodney's Stone

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[Rodney's Stone]

This impressively detailed Pictish symbol stone stands next to Brodie Castle's entrance drive. Among the superbly clear carvings on the side facing the road are found marine monsters, a double disc and Z-rod, and ancient Ogham script - a line-based writing system which is the earliest known form of Gaelic. On the other side is an intricately decorated cross surrounded by further animals. Don't miss it if you're visiting the castle - though entrance to this part of the castle grounds is free, so a castle ticket isn't required to view the stone.

[Rodney's Stone]

Location & info

📌 Rodney's Stone
On the entrance drive (no access from the exit road!) to Brodie Castle, half a mile southwest of Dyke, G.R.: NH 984577 ///always.resonates.lifeboats
Always open | Free

[Rodney's Stone]


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