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[Shandwick Stone]

Protected from the elements by a glass box, the Shandwick Stone is one of the most northerly Pictish stones to survive on the Scottish mainland. Carved in around 780 AD by a mysterious people we know relatively little about, the nearly 3 metre-high slab features an elaborate hunting scene, spiral patterns and Pictish symbols on one side, while the other face is a cross flanked by angels, snakes and other animals. It's probably not quite in its original location, but it's not far off, and stands only a mile away from the site of the even more ornate Hilton of Cadboll Stone, which has now been moved to a museum with a replica replacement.

[Shandwick Stone]

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📌 Shandwick Stone ★★
By minor road under half a mile southwest of Shandwick, G.R.: NH 855747 ///bedding.moon.specifies
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[Shandwick Stone]


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