The Wee Hoose (Lairg)

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[The Wee Hoose]

On an islet a few dozen metres out into Little Loch Shin, keen-eyed passers-by will be greeted by the sight of Lairg's tiniest house. The architects kept things simple: whitewashed walls, two windows, two chimney stacks and a big red door. It's clearly not large enough for serious human habitation (even as a holiday home in these times of overtourism!) but an elaborate tale posted on a signboard on the mainland nevertheless describes the history of inhabitant Jock Broon and his very large family - which has been enough to fool a number of news outlets over the years, including the BBC.

[The Wee Hoose, Loch Shin dam behind]

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📌 The Wee Hoose (Lairg)
Off minor road half a mile north of Hilton of Cadboll, G.R.: NC 581063 ///ordering.skyrocket.vessel
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[The Wee Hoose]


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