Walk: Enchanted by Rosemarkie's Fairy Glen

Highland | Black Isle | Short walk | ★★★

[Fairy Glen lower falls]

Beyond the beautifully-kept cottages at the northern end of Rosemarkie, another magical chapter unfolds on the beautiful Black Isle. Popular footpaths lead from here to a pair of waterfalls in wooded surroundings: not remarkable for their height but overflowing in charm, no matter the water level. As for the fairies: they were once believed to keep the burn clean for villagers to use for drinking and washing. Fairy Glen is also an RSPB nature reserve and a good place to watch dippers foraging underwater; for a longer route, check out our Rosemarkie country and coast circuit.

[Path through Fairy Glen]

📌 Walk: Enchanted by Rosemarkie's Fairy Glen ★★★
Start / finish at car park on A832, north end of Rosemarkie, G.R.: NH 735578 ///hillside.lightens.expansion

▶ 3 km / 2 mi | ▲ 110 m | ⌚ Short | Easy
Features: RSPB Fairy Glen; Fairy Glen waterfalls
Terrain: Generally good path through wooded glen; some muddy or rougher sections and steps.

Route & map

Car park - mill pond - lower waterfall - upper waterfall - return by outward route, but remain on north bank to Kincurdy Drive - main road to start

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track
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On our visit

Wildlife: 2020: tits, other small birds. 2012: dippers, wagtails and other birds.
Weather: 2020: mainly cloudy, 17°C. 2012: mostly sunny, but shaded and cool in the forest. Dry.

Also on this walk

📌 Fairy Glen waterfalls ★★★
Fairy Glen, 1 mi northwest of Rosemarkie. Upper falls are at G.R.: NH 726586 ///pats.richer.poems
Always open | Free

💬 Quickest access to the falls without doing the entire walk is from the nearby A832. There is no parking here however, so the route above is still recommended.

Chronological photo guide

[Path through Fairy Glen]

[Path through Fairy Glen]

[Mill pond]

[Path through Fairy Glen]

[First view of the lower falls]

[Lower falls]

[Lower falls]

[Lower falls]

[Upper falls]

[Rosemarkie cottages]


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