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[Eas Chliabhan]

Despite only being a tributary of the larger River Tay, the River Tummel is a major water course with a straight line distance of about 50 miles from source to confluence. The flow in its lower section is dictated by discharge rates from various dams, but there's usually enough water pouring over the picturesque series of falls at Eas Chliabhan to make a visit worthwhile. The beauty spot is unsignposted and probably more often visited by kayakers than walkers, but proximity to a road (beware local parking restrictions) and a reasonable path make access quick for those agile enough to negotiate the rocky ground around the falls.

[Eas Chliabhan]

Location & info

📌 Eas Chliabhan ★★
Off the B846 2 mi west of Tummel Bridge, G.R.: NN 732592 ///guests.quickly.eats
Always open | Free

💬 Limited space to park at track junctions (don't block access) on either side of the road bridge at G.R.: NN 733594 ///snail.happen.suiting - parking to the west of here is prohibited. It's a 5-min walk (each way) to the river bank; follow the road west for a short distance until an informal, rough path branches off to the left, before fizzling out near the river bank. The terrain around the falls is steep, rocky and may require simple scrambling.

[Eas Chliabhan]

[River Tummel just below the falls]


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