Kincardine O'Neil Old Church

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[Kincardine O'Neil Old Church]

Kincardine O'Neil is an attractive but tiny roadside village on the road through Deeside; the overwhelmingly grey architecture conjures up the scene of a black and white photograph except for the odd burst of colour from flower pots and street signs. It'd be easy to drive through with barely a thought, but the ruined kirk on the south side of the road is worth a stop. Once twice as long and two storeys high, this used to be the local parish church and dates to the 14th century. A hospital used to adjoin the east end gable, with windows allowing sick patients to listen in on services. A recessed Gothic doorway, now blocked up, can be found in the north wall.

[Kincardine O'Neil Old Church]

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📌 Kincardine O'Neil Old Church
By the A93, Kincardine O'Neil village centre, G.R.: NO 592996 ///
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[Kincardine O'Neil Old Church]

[Kincardine O'Neil Old Church]

[Kincardine O'Neil]


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