Walk: Heathery Broughton Heights

Scottish Borders | Broughton | Half day walk | ★★★

[Broughton Hope]

Broughton Heights is the highest part of a group of hills northeast of Broughton village, bounded by a triangle of roads. A handy car park near Broughton Place castle allows easy access to the western half of the range, with an approach through the very scenic glen cut by the Hollows Burn. This pleasant Borders round - coloured by swathes of heather in late summer - visits no fewer than 8 named summits on 1:25000 Ordnance Survey maps. Fear not - many of the hills have imperceptible reascent between them. And the views more than compensate for the occasional steep sections, with Tinto, Culter Fell and upper Clydesdale all easily picked out.

[View southwest from Hammer Head]

📌 Walk: Heathery Broughton Heights ★★★
Start / finish at car park above Broughton Place, minor road half a mile northeast of Broughton, G.R.: NT 120374 ///degree.jumbo.polar

▶ 11 km / 7 mi | ▲ 610 m | ⌚ Half a day | Tough
Features: △ Pyked Stane Hill / Broughton Heights (571 m, sub-2000'); △ Hammer Head (513 m); △ Trahenna Hill (549 m, sub-2000')
Terrain: Reasonable grassy tracks and paths for most of the route. Ascent of Hammer Head is steep and narrow; short detour to Trahenna Hill is pathless.

Route & map

Car park - Cowiemuir Hass - Broomy Side - Green Law - Pyked Stane Hill - return to Cowiemuir Hass - Hammer Head - Green Lairs - Grey Yade - Trahenna Hill - Cat Cleuch Head - start

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track
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On our visit

Wildlife: Sheep and lambs, bird of prey above Clover Law, several red grouse on Trahenna Hill.
Weather: Dark clouds and spots of rain at first, soon becoming much sunnier. Lightish wind, around 20°C.

Chronological photo guide

[Shepherds Cottage at the start]

[Outward section through Broughton Hope, Hammer Head beyond]

[Hammer Head & Green Lairs]

[Broughton Hope]

[Green Law from the ascent of Broomy Side]

[Stirkfield Hope Burn]

[Looking back to Clover Law]

[Green Law]

[Approach to Pyked Stane Hill]

[Pyked Stane Hill, Tinto beyond]

[Stobo Hope from Pyked Stane Hill]

[Continuation to Hammer Head]

[Looking down the Well Burn]

[Hammer Head]

[View southwest from Hammer Head]

[View ahead from Hammer Head]

[Ladyurd Hill (left) & Penvalla (right)]

[Looking back over Green Lairs (centre) & Hammer Head (left)]

[Approach to Trahenna Hill]

[Trahenna Hill summit]

[Final descent]

[Broughton Hope from the descent]

[Good views into Lanarkshire from the descent]


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