Walk: The Colonel's Bed - outlawed in Glen Ey

Aberdeenshire | Braemar | Short walk | ★★★

[The Colonel's Bed - view from within the gorge]

Long ago, during the 17th century Jacobite uprisings, a local colonel hid in Glen Ey, outlawed after the murder of a laird. A mile upstream from his usual home at Inverey Castle, the Ey Burn enters a short but deep gorge, amidst lonely countryside and masked by surrounding trees. A rock platform within the gorge served (probably) as the unlikely mattress, with the swift current and probable death just an unfortunate, sleep-deprived roll away. The gorge rim can still be visited, making use of a good estate track; glimpses into the depths are rather limited, but the approach through the scenic glen is worth the visit alone. Outwith the normal scope of this walk, it's possible for those with prior scrambling experience to descend (with care, and only in good conditions - recent rockfalls are in evidence) on a makeshift path to the base of the canyon, where the aforementioned rock ledge can be used (again, with care) to explore a little of the colonel's claustrophobic abode.

[Looking up Glen Ey on the way to The Colonel's Bed]

📌 Walk: The Colonel's Bed - outlawed in Glen Ey ★★★
Start / finish at car park on minor road at Meikle Inverey, 4 mi west of Braemar, G.R.: NO 089892 ///added.hiker.deliver

▶ 5 km / 3 mi | ▲ 110 m | ⌚ Short | Easy
Features: Allt Connie waterfall; The Colonel's Bed
Terrain: The main route is on clear paths (narrow for very last section to The Colonel's Bed) and tracks with some ascent. Optional detour to Allt Connie is on an intermittent and wet path. Optional descent into The Colonel's Bed gorge is on a sketchy path with steep drops - great care required (raises difficulty to Tough)

Route & map

Car park - cross Ey Burn just above confluence with Allt Connie - out & back detour to Allt Connie waterfall - The Colonel's Bed (view from above) - return by outward route

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track
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On our visit

Wildlife: Swallows, dragonflies, caterpillars.
Weather: 16°C but with a chilly wind, sunshine with large patches of cloud.

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📌 The Colonel's Bed ★★★
On the Ey Burn, 1.5 mi south of nearest road at Meikle Inverey, G.R.: NO 087871 ///electric.caused.quick
Always open | Free

💬 The Colonel's Bed is about a 45-min walk (each way) from the nearest road, by route described above.

Chronological photo guide

[Looking into the Cairngorms from the start]

[Inverey House]

[Emperor moth caterpillar]

[Lower Glen Ey]

[Ey Burn from the detour to Allt Connie waterfall]

[Allt Connie waterfall]

[A shortcut path omits a long bend in the track]

[Glen Ey]

[Looking up Glen Ey]

[A sign indicates where to leave the main track]

[The path ends at this viewpoint for The Colonel's Bed]

[The Colonel's Bed from above]

[View upstream from within the gorge]

[View downstream from within the gorge]

[A narrow ledge (right) permits limited, careful exploration of the gorge]

[View downstream from the end of the ledge]


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