Wild West (Morningside)

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[Wild West, Morningside]

With a jail, cantina, blacksmiths and horse livery, suburban Edinburgh is perhaps the last place you'd expect to find these wooden Wild West shacks. The buildings, up an unsignposted side alley immediately west of desirable Morningside's main street, are the leftovers from an ambitious advertising campaign for a local (now defunct) furniture company. The scene is quite convincing - it is said that the design had input from a former Disney employee - but as you may have guessed, things aren't quite what they seem. The wooden panels are merely a façade to regular buildings; the cantina, for example, is simply the fire exit for Morningside Library.

[Wild West, Morningside]

Location & info

📌 Wild West (Morningside)
Alley off Springvalley Gardens, Morningside, 2 mi south of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 245713 ///spike.help.butter
🚌 Bus to Morningside | 🚗 Street parking nearby (but closest streets are for permit holders only)
Always open | Free

[Wild West, Morningside]


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