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Stay safe

There are various restrictions currently in place across Scotland to help prevent spread of COVID-19. Full advice can be found on the Scottish Government official website.

Guidance relating to visiting places on Scotland Off the Beaten Track includes...

staying at least 2 metres apart from anyone outside your householdwearing a face covering where mandated, and where social distancing is difficultavoiding crowded spacesmaintaining hand and cough hygiene, and reducing contact with hard or high contact surfacesself-isolating and booking a test if you have COVID-19 symptomsadhering to current rules about maximum group sizes, and the number of households you can meet each day
Many staffed sites are currently closed, have changed their opening times or have a modified visitor offering. Different restrictions apply in other countries, including other parts of the UK, so please follow the official advice where you are.

Please help us all stay safe while exploring Scotland. If your holidays or…