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[The Square, Kenmore]

Kenmore is the attractive settlement at the foot of serpentine Loch Tay in Highland Perthshire. Take away the holiday homes on the fringes and the old core of the village is surprisingly small, but almost perfectly formed. A line of whitewashed cottages face off against the Kenmore Hotel (Scotland's oldest inn, they say), occupying the two longer sides of the village square (should that be village rectangle?) which is now bisected by the A827. On the shorter sides there are two gateways: a little arch into the grounds of Kenmore Church at the west end, and the contrastingly enormous entrance to Taymouth Castle to the east. Wander south alongside the main road to open up superb views along the loch. Look carefully and you should be able to make out a conical roof about half a mile away. This is a reconstructed crannog, and the main part of the excellent Scottish Crannog Centre: the area's most interesting manmade attraction.

[Loch Tay at Kenmore]

Location & info

📌 Kenmore ★★
Perth & Kinross, G.R.: NN 773455 ///jumps.button.barrel

🚶 The Scottish Crannog Centre is within walking distance along the loch, and our Kenmore Hill circuit could be accessed by a steep uphill climb.
🚌 Infrequent buses call from Aberfeldy.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Loch Tay ★★★
>> Scottish Crannog Centre ★★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Walk: Kenmore Hill - Loch Tay vista ★★★ (1 mi →)
>> Croft Moraig Stone Circle ★★ (2 mi →)
>> Fortinghall Yew ★★★ (2 mi ←)
>> Walk: Underground, overground, Acharn amble ★★★ (2 mi ←)

[Church and memorial]

[Taymouth Castle arch]

[Village centre]


[Scottish Crannog Centre (17/11/12)]

[Kenmore seen from Kenmore Hill (17/11/12)]


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