Walk: The Cheviot & the hags of Hedgehope Hill

Northumberland | Cheviot Hills | Full day walk | ★★★

[The Cheviot]

This circuit shows off the best and worst of the rolling Cheviot Hills. The best? Superlative views across Northumberland, the charismatic rocky outcrops of Long Crags and Housey Crags, the rather lovely valley carved out by the Harthope Burn, and a great sense of open space. The worst? A boggy morass of peat hags enveloping the high ground; some sections are improved by flagstone paths, but later on in the day it's every person for themselves. The Cheviot is the most famous landmark visited - the highest point in the range (though "point" is misleading - this is one of the flattest summits for miles) - but Hedgehope Hill has the finer views and an impressive cairn.

[Descent from Hedgehope Hill]

📌 Walk: The Cheviot & the hags of Hedgehope Hill ★★★
Start / finish at car park just short of public minor road end at Langleeford, 4 mi southwest of Wooler, G.R.: NT 954225 ///calls.magic.wand

▶ 15 km / 9 mi | ▲ 870 m | ⌚ Full day | Tough
Features: △ The Cheviot (815 m, Hewitt); △ Comb Fell (652 m, Hewitt); △ Hedgehope Hill (714 m, Hewitt); Long Crag & Housey Crags
Terrain: Turf hill paths and tracks for most of the route. Comb Fell is boggy with lots of peat hag quagmires to cross, and pathless in places (or a very faint path).

Route & map

Car park - track just after New Burn - Scald Hill - The Cheviot - Cairn Hill - Comb Fell - Hedgehope Hill - Long Crags - Housey Crags - start

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track
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On our visit

Wildlife: Lots of grouse, sheep, butterflies, burying beetles. A dead slowworm near the start :(
Weather: 14°C or so, extensive hazy sunshine and light winds.

Chronological photo guide

[Ascent out of Harthope Valley]

[Hedgehope Hill]


[...and a grouse butt!]

[The Cheviot from Scald Hill]

[Looking back from the ascend of The Cheviot]

[Hedgehope Hill]

[Peat hags on The Cheviot, Northumberland plains beyond]

[The Cheviot]

[Path to Cairn Hill from The Cheviot]

[Cairn Hill]

[Looking south towards the Usway Burn from Cairn Hill]

[Hedgehope Hill (left) & Comb Fell (centre)]

[Peat hags]

[Comb Fell]

[Hedgehope Hill]

[The Cheviot from Hedgehope Hill]

[Descent from Hedgehope Hill]

[View east from the descent]

[Hedgehope Hill from Long Crags]

[Long Crags]

[Long Crags]

[Housey Crags]

[Cold Law (right) from Housey Crags]

[Return to the Harthope Valley]


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