Walk: Meall Buidhe - going the extra mile

Perth & Kinross | Glen Lyon | Half day walk | ★★★

[Loch Rannoch from Garbh Mheall, beyond Meall Buidhe]

Of all the Munros in the Central Highlands, Meall Buidhe above Loch an Daimh involves one of the longest drives from Scotland's cities to get to the start, including a tortuous 550 metre-high pass if the direct route is taken (to be avoided in winter). Once you've set off on foot, reaching the summit is surprisingly quick and straightforward in good conditions, and the hill is often combined with Stùc an Lochain on the other side of the glen, returning to the car in the middle. We're in no rush, so our route instead includes a mile's extension to the basic there-and-back hike: adding the subsidiary summit of Garbh Mheall accesses the very best views of Loch Rannoch, in addition to the vast panorama over Rannoch Moor which can be enjoyed from Meall Buidhe itself.

[Loch an Daimh]

📌 Walk: Meall Buidhe - going the extra mile ★★★
Start / finish just below Loch an Daimh (space for several cars), minor road end 4 mi west of Bridge of Balgie, G.R.: NN 512464 ///atlas.serious.rather

▶ 10 km / 6 mi | ▲ 670 m | ⌚ Half a day | Tough
Features: Loch an Daimh; △ Meall Buidhe (932 m, Munro); Garbh Mheall (912 m)
Terrain: Paths for most of the route, intermittent in boggy areas and near the top. Extension to Garbh Mheall is mostly pathless, but generally straightforward.

Route & map

Start - Druim Chaluim - Meall Buidhe south top - Meall Buidhe north (highest) top - Garbh Mheall - return by outward route

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track
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On our visit

Wildlife: Sheep, grouse.
Weather: Light rain and hill fog on ascent, then marked improvement to sunshine. A few degrees above freezing with a buffeting northerly wind higher up.

Chronological photo guide

[Loch an Daimh]

[Track near start]

[Loch an Daimh]

[Looking south from the ascent]

[Good views across the reservoir]

[Boggy area]

[Coire nam Miseach]

[Meall Buidhe south top]

[Looking ahead across the plateau from the south top]

[Looking back towards Meall a' Phuill]

[Meall Buidhe summit]

[View across Rannoch Moor]

[Garbh Mheall from Meall Buidhe]

[Garbh Mheall]

[Looking back from Garbh Mheall]

[Rannoch Moor from Garbh Mheall]

[Garbh Mheall]

[Loch Rannoch from Garbh Mheall]


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