Gullane Bay

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[Gullane Bay]

Gullane Bay is the wide arc of sand sitting a short walk away from, and below, Gullane village. There are excellent views of the beach (and the Kingdom of Fife beyond) from paths leading down through the dunes to sea level. The beach is predominantly sandy, but rock pools and thousands of washed-up razor clam shells break up the flat expanse at the west end, with rocky outcrops which are the haunt of curlews, oystercatchers and shags. The main area of sand is more than a mile long and is rarely crowded - becoming quieter still if you continue west past Gullane Point towards Aberlady Bay, or northeast past Jamie's Neuk.

[Gullane Bay]

Location & info

📌 Gullane Bay ★★★
Off Marine Terrace (charge for car park), half a mile northwest of Gullane village centre, G.R.: NT 476832 ///mega.waged.kilts

[Gullane Bay]

[Gullane Bay]

[Gullane Bay from the car park]


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