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[Old St Andrew's Church, Gullane]

Anyone driving through the wealthy golf town of Gullane should notice the ruined kirk at the west end of Main Street. This is St Andrew's, with the "Old" prefix attached to distinguish it from the active parish church further down the road. Old St Andrew's Church dates to about 1170, making it one of the earliest churches in the region still standing. Fast-forward a few centuries and the church survived the Reformation, but not mother nature. It met its demise in a storm around 1612, submerging the church in sand and forcing the congregation out to nearby Dirleton. You can still enter the roofless nave; this used to be connected by a large arch to the chancel, but this was filled in when the chancel was converted to a burial aisle for the Yule family in 1827.

[Old St Andrew's Church]

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📌 Old St Andrew's Church (Gullane)
West end of Main Street, Gullane village centre, G.R.: NT 480827 ///arching.feuds.attend
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[Old St Andrew's Church]

[Old St Andrew's Church]

[Old St Andrew's Church]


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