Walk: A right royal romp round Linlithgow Loch

West Lothian | Linlithgow | Short walk | ★★★

[Linlithgow Loch]

Rubbing up against Linlithgow town centre is Linlithgow Loch: a popular leisure spot for locals with a good path all way around the edge. Linlithgow Palace juts out above the shoreline on the south side, and there are great views of the royal residence from various angles as you make the circuit. On the north side the path passes within a few hundred metres of the M9 motorway, but the thunder of passing traffic is less intrusive than you might expect. It certainly doesn't seem to overly bother the local wildlife; look carefully and there's often an array of waterfowl hiding away amongst the quieter reeds and tree roots as well as the regular feeding frenzy near the car park.


Location & info

📌 Walk: A right royal romp round Linlithgow Loch ★★★
Start / finish on Water Yett, off High Street (A803), 5-min walk west of Linlithgow town centre, G.R.: NS 998772 ///water.soulful.skidding
🚆 Train to Linlithgow | 🚌 Bus to Linlithgow | 🚗 The Vennel car park (charge), or alternatively elsewhere on High Street

▶ 4 km / 2 mi | ▲ 20 m | ⌚ Short
Features: Linlithgow Loch; Linlithgow Palace ★★★
Easy | Surfaced, signposted path, mostly level. Very short section on pavement alongside main road.

Route: Circuit of Linlithgow Loch in either direction (shown anticlockwise in photos), locally waymarked

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On our visit

Wildlife: Mallard ducks, coots, black headed and other gulls, cormorants (and lots of dogs on walks!).
Weather: 10°C, mostly sunny but with a chilly wind.

Chronological photo guide

[Swans at the start]

[Looking across the loch from the south bank]

[Linlithgow Loch - heading anticlockwise]

[View from near the palace]


[Linlithgow Palace]

[Beyond the palace]

[Northeast side]


[Northwest bank]

[Northwest bank]

[Crossing the burn at the west end of the loch]

[Mallard duck]

[Cormorant, gulls & Linlithgow Palace]


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