Cramond Island

City of Edinburgh | Cramond | Tidal island | ★★★

[Cramond Island, looking towards the mainland]

If you're looking for somewhere a bit different to explore in the vicinity of Edinburgh, Cramond Island is worth considering. Out of over a dozen islands located in the Firth of Forth between Lothian and Fife, this is the most accessible, with a concrete causeway connecting its rocky southern headland ("The Knoll") with the mainland at Cramond village. A visit nevertheless requires a little planning, as the causeway floods twice a day at high tide. People find themselves stranded on the island not infrequently, and the ruined wartime bunkers wouldn't be the most comfortable place to spend the night. These coastal defences are well worth (carefully) exploring while keeping an eye on the clock and enjoying the excellent views towards the capital, the Forth Bridges and north towards Dalgety Bay and Burntisland. Seabirds congregate around the causeway and coastline, and we even spotted an octopus on our 2020 visit!

[Cramond Island]

Location & info

📌 Cramond Island ★★★
1 mi north on foot from Cramond village, G.R.: NT 197785 ///haven.smooth.actual
🚌 Bus to Cramond village (1 mi) | 🚗 Cramond village car park at G.R.: NT 191770 ///haven.smooth.actual
Always open (but access is tidal) | Free

💬 From Cramond village it's a 20-min walk (each way) to the island on a concrete causeway, which is wet, slippery & submerged at high tide - be aware of safe crossing times. Paths on the island are rough & muddy in places.


[View from the causeway]

[Turnstone... and octopus!]

[Wartime defences]

[Wartime defences]

[Wartime defences]

[View towards Edinburgh]

[Cramond Island]

[Island interior]

[Wartime defences]

[Wartime defences]

[View towards the Forth Bridges]

[Beach on the west side]


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