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Cramond is almost part of Edinburgh yet at the same time a world apart. 5 miles from the city centre, it's a sleepy suburb with an old core boasting a cluster of interesting sights for day-trippers: an old church, tower house and even the remains of a Roman fort. The village backs onto the Firth of Forth next to where the River Almond meets it, and following the river bank upstream leads to a series of old mills and weirs. In the other direction, Cramond Island is accessible out in the firth via a mile of tidal causeway - check safe crossing times before embarking on a trip.

[Causeway to Cramond Island]

Location & info

📌 Cramond ★★
City of Edinburgh. Main village car park is at G.R.: NT 190771 ///open.notice.ducks
Always open | Free

🚶 Though its suburbs spread widely, Cramond's interesting part is easily small enough to explore on foot. Cramond Island and Laurison Castle are each about 1 mi walk away, the former by a tidal causeway. There is no easy access to Dalmeny House or the coast path west from here, due to the lack of a bridge over the river.
🚌 There are direct buses from Edinburgh city centre.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Cramond Island ★★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Dalmeny House ★★★ (1 mi ←)
>> Lauriston Castle ★★★★ (1 mi →)
>> Walk: Cramond to Queensferry - foray along the Forth ★★★ (1 mi ↓)
>> Walk: On safari at Corstorphine Hill ★★★ (2 mi ↓)
>> Corstorphine Dovecot (3 mi ↓)
>> Dalmeny Kirk ★★ (3 mi ←)
>> Edinburgh Zoo ★★★★★ (3 mi ↓)


[Tower (private)]

[Roman Fort]

[Follow the River Almond upstream to this weir]

[Fair-a-far Mill, by the weir]

[Craigie Quarry old docks - much of Edinburgh's New Town was built from stone quarried here]


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