Walk: Broxburn's Binny Craig

West Lothian | Bathgate Hills | Short walk | ★★★

[Binny Craig]

Binny Craig is a really quite remarkable spot - a sudden pillar of igneous rock jutting out from rolling, sedimentary farmland north of Broxburn. The striking shape of the hill was carved in the last ice age, when an eastbound glacier came up against the hard dolerite intrusion, depositing material in its wake to form a crag-and-tail feature. The steep sided summit is a superb viewpoint for central Scotland, with views as far-reaching as the Trossachs to the north, Pentland Hills to the east and Tinto to the south. The hill itself is mostly pathless but its ascent on short grass is as swift as it is steep; as for the approach, two routes from the south (one clear, one fainter) can be combined to form a short circuit.

[View west from the summit]

Location & info

📌 Walk: Broxburn's Binny Craig ★★★
Start / finish on minor road just east of West Broadlaw, 1 mi northwest of Uphall, G.R.: NT 041731 ///mixes.roosts.paper
❌ No public transport within 1 mi | 🚗 Space for 1 or 2 small cars to park at entrance to Hangingside Wood (do not park close to gate - farm vehicles need a large turning circle)

▶ 2 km / 1 mi | ▲ 130 m | ⌚ Short
Features: △ Binny Craig (221 m)
Moderate | Faint path for approach (though target is obvious in clear weather); clearer for return. Hill itself has only intermittent paths and much steep and rocky ground, particularly for descent, where the odd hand may be needed. Tough route for this grade.

Route: Start - Hangingside Wood - gate to south of summit - climb Binny Craig from south side - descend north then west - return around west side of hill - return to gate - minor road near East Broadlaw - start by minor road

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On our visit

Wildlife: Cows in the same field as Binny Craig (though at a distance). Sheep in nearby fields.
Weather: Sunny, very windy on summit.

Chronological photo guide

[Binny Craig from the approach through Hangingside Wood]

[Binny Craig from the southwest]

[The ascent is short but steep if you keep to the direct line]

[View south from the summit]

[View west from the summit]

[View east from the summit]

[View north from the summit]

[Binny Craig from the north]

[View from the west side]

[Return around the west side of the hill]

[View from the south]

[Return path]

[Return path]

[Follow the road to return to the start]


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