Walk: Arvo at Cammo

City of Edinburgh | Cammo | Short walk | ★★

[Cammo Estate]

Cammo is an old country estate on the west side of Edinburgh, not quite consumed by the city's expanding suburbs. A few overgrown ruins and an elegant water tower are the sum of its manmade parts, and there are some good views of Edinburgh from areas of higher ground. If you're not completely sold so far, that's understandable - but a wander along the neighbouring River Almond adds another dimension, with woodland wildlife and some appealing rapids underneath Grotto Bridge.

[Rapids at Grotto Bridge]

Location & info

📌 Walk: Arvo at Cammo ★★
Start / finish on Cammo Road, Cammo, 5 mi west of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 178749 ///page.digits.cycle
🚌 Bus stops nearby on Queensferry Road (A90) | 🚗 Street parking. Alternative start point at estate car park on Cammo Walk, but this is closed until November 2021 for social distancing

▶ 4 km / 2 mi | ▲ 50 m | ⌚ Short | Easy
Features: River Almond; Cammo Estate & buildings
Terrain: Clear paths - muddy in places - and short sections of minor road.

Route: Start - Cramond Brig via River Almond south bank - Grotto Bridge by north bank - Cammo Estate (Cammo House ruins; canal; stables; water tower) - estate car park on Cammo Walk - start

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On our visit

Wildlife: Ponies and chickens by Cramond Brig. Grey squirrels, mallard ducks, magpies, robins and tits along the River Almond.
Weather: 8°C and sunny with light winds.

Chronological photo guide

[River Almond (south bank)]

[River Almond (south bank)]

[Cramond Brig (29/2/20)]

[View from Cramond Brig]


[River Almond (north bank)]

[Rapids at Grotto Bridge]

[Cammo Country Park]

[Cammo House]

[The "canal"]

[Woodland path]


[Water tower]

[Hillock behind the tower]

[Return through fields to the finish]


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