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[Lin's Mill Aqueduct]

Between Edinburgh and Livingston the Union Canal encounters an awkward topographical barrier in the form of a steep-sided glen, carved into Lothian farmland by the River Almond. Lin's Mill aqueduct was constructed in the early 1820s to span this obstacle, completing a navigable link by water between the capital and Falkirk (there are two other major aqueducts elsewhere on the waterway). You don't need a canal boat to admire the excellent views of the river 76 feet below, thanks to towpaths and a convenient car park; alternatively, walk from Almondell and Calderwood Country Park. If you're feeling brave, carefully scramble down to river level to gaze at the massive stone arches from underneath.

[View from the River Almond below]

Location & info

📌 Lin's Mill Aqueduct ★★
Off Clifton Road, 2 mi southwest of Newbridge, G.R.: NT 105706 ///attitudes.spots.hides
❌ No public transport within 1 mi | 🚗 Car park at G.R.: NT 106705 ///reliving.only.giants, reached by an unsurfaced, potholed track
Always open | Free

💬 To view the aqueduct from below, descend the steps at the west end of the car park, cross the track and follow one of the very steep, informal paths (care needed) through trees down to the riverbank (5-min each way).

[River Almond from the aqueduct]

[Snowy view (2/2/19)]


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