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[Livingston House]

A grassy mound is the only sign of the Peel of Livingston: a moated, fortified castle dating to the 12th century. 500 years later, Livingston House was constructed on the same site, with its foundations still visible at the foot of the mound. Today, the site is surrounded by semi-formal gardens within Livingston's widely sprawling suburbs. You'll have gathered there's not much to see here, but in a New Town with a lack of old buildings, it's a rare piece of history - and a link to the original Leving's Toun which pre-dates the modern settlement.

[Livingston House & Peel]

Location & info

📌 Livingston House and Peel
Access from east end of Eliburn Street, 1 mi northwest of Livingston town centre, G.R.: NT 040676 ///forest.reader.calm
🚌 Eliburn Road | 🚆Livingston North (1 mi)
Always open | Free

[View from Livingston Peel]


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