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[Dynamic Earth]

Underneath the great volcanic prow of Salisbury Crags in central Edinburgh, the striking white tent forming the shell of Dynamic Earth is in a fitting location for an all-age attraction explaining the processes which shaped our planet Earth. It's certainly not a stuffy old museum: this was a venue developed for the new millennium as an interactive, multi-sensory experience. You start by travelling back to the Big Bang in a Deep Time Machine, after which a series of partly guided, high-tech zones take the visitor forward through time and space, up to the different world biomes of the present day. A 360° cinema show completes the offering. The ticket price isn't cheap and it's not somewhere you can spend a whole day - the different zones have to be explored in order, so you can't easily re-visit sections once you've moved on to the next room - but it certainly merits a visit if you have children or a passing interest in geology. Allow a couple of hours.

[Earth's structure (22/2/18)]

Location & info

📌 Dynamic Earth ★★★★
Holyrood Road, 15-min walk east of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 268737 ///seats.steer.twist
🚌 Canongate | 🚆 Edinburgh Waverley (0.5 mi) | 🚋 St Andrew Square (0.5 mi) | 🚗 Car park (charge)
Open daily, April to August & October; generally Wednesday to Sunday plus school holidays, January to March & September; closed November to December | £15.95 adult / £9.95 child / discount for booking online

[James Hutton - the father of geology (22/2/18)]

[Evolution of species (22/2/18)]

[Oceans (22/2/18)]

[Frozen planet - with a real block of ice in the middle (22/2/18)]

[Dynamic Earth from Salisbury Crags (21/4/20)]


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