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[The Pencil, Largs]

In the middle of the 13th century, most of the islands off the west coast of modern-day Scotland were under Norse control, while the Scottish kings ruled the mainland. The Pencil Monument (very roughly) marks the spot where Viking longships ran aground at Largs in 1263 during a severe storm, attracting the attention of Scottish forces. Neither side was a clear winner in the resulting skirmish, but poor weather in the following days led the Norwegian party to flee for home - and so the Battle of Largs effectively marked the beginning of the end for the Viking West. Today, the area around the monument is a popular viewpoint, and the straightforward path from the town centre is an equally popular stroll. There's no need for directions - just follow the coastline; there's also a car park at the nearby marina. Want to learn more about Largs' Viking connections? Head to nearby Vikingar!.

[The Pencil]

Location & info

📌 The Pencil
Off Irvine Road (A78), Manse Court, Largs town centre, G.R.: NS 208577 ///anthems.instructs.bells
🚌 Irvine Road (A78) | 🚢🚆 Largs (1 mi via coast path) | 🚗 Car park at Largs Yacht Haven immediately to south
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[The Pencil]

[Looking north towards Largs from base of the monument]


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