Walk: The Kiln Coast - a step back in lime

Fife | Limekilns | Half day walk | ★★


The Broomhall Estate in western Fife has a rich heritage: limekilns, railway lines and harbours all supported limestone quarrying as well as coal extraction, shipbreaking and soap production along this stretch of the Firth of Forth. All this activity has long since ceased, leaving behind two sleepy villages - Charlestown and Limekilns - and a fascinating industrial legacy. 6 miles is enough to explore the picturesque coastline, inland estate and its history, with good views of Rosyth Dockyard later in the circuit, which has since picked up the economic baton.

[Broomhall Estate]

Location & info

📌 Walk: The Kiln Coast - a step back in lime ★★
Start / finish at Limekilns Pier, west end of Limekilns, G.R.: NT 075834 ///different.river.shops
🚌 Bus to Limekilns | 🚗 Street parking

▶ 10 km / 6 mi | ▲ 90 m | ⌚ Half a day
Features: Limekilns; Charlestown, harbour & limekilns ★★; Broomhall Estate; Rosyth Old Church
Easy | Clear paths, tracks and pavements - rare muddy parts. Busy A985 must be crossed twice.

Route: Start - Charlestown, harbour & limekilns - old railway line to west - cross footbridge at G.R.: NT 060838 - West Road - Rocks Road - Courthill - Broomhall - Hillock - Leckerstone Cottages - Brucehaven - Rosyth Old Church - Limekilns - start

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On our visit

Wildlife: Sheep, lambs & greylag geese on Broomhall Estate; yellowhammers, mallard ducks, seagulls.
Weather: A few degrees above freezing after a frost, with fresh snow on Ochil Hills. Mostly sunny but with a cold wind on the coast.

Chronological photo guide

[Limekilns Pier]

[Charlestown harbour]

[Charlestown harbour & limekilns]

[Looking west along the coastal path]

[Part of the route follows a section of old railway]

[Road near Braeside]

[Fife Coastal Path north of Charlestown]

[Broomhall Estate]

[Broomhall Estate]

[Broomhall Estate]

[Path across the Bell Hills]

[Path across the Bell Hills]

[View over Rosyth Dockyard]

[Coast path east of Limekilns]

[Rosyth Old Church]

[Rosyth Old Church]


[Looking west from Limekilns]


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