Walk: An Almond almanac

West Lothian | Livingston | Half day walk | ★★

[River Almond in Livingston]

This pleasant linear route traces the River Almond all the way from Mid Calder to Blackburn, passing through the surprisingly green Almondvale in the heart of Livingston. The first half is essentially an urban walk - though an agreeably leafy one as a result of thoughtful planning by Livingston's architects - with options to break for refreshment at a vast shopping centre or at the Livingston Inn. The riverside path then passes the fringes of Almond Valley heritage centre, complete with assorted farm animals, before escaping into the countryside for the last few miles. A frequent bus service conveniently connects the start and finish - or you could double the distance by retracing your steps, perhaps varying the route slightly by switching banks in Livingston (river banks, not the financial kind).

[Weir beyond Seafield (13/3/21)]

Location & info

📌 Walk: An Almond almanac ★★
Start on Market Street (B7015), Mid Calder village centre, G.R.: NT 074676 ///reports.stag.thin. Finish on East Main Street (A705), east end of Blackburn, G.R.: NS 994655 ///cement.finest.shaped
🚌 Bus to Mid Calder for walk start, and from Blackburn at finish | 🚗 Street parking at walk finish - take the regular bus to the start

▶ 12 km / 7 mi | ▲ 150 m | ⌚ Half a day
Features: River Almond; Livingston shopping centres; Almond Valley heritage centre
Easy | Level paths - mostly tarmac in Livingston but unsurfaced elsewhere. Muddy sections beyond Livingston Village.

Route: Start - cross to River Almond north bank at G.R.: NT 072677 ///helm.crunchy.jugs - cross to south bank at G.R.: NT 062673 ///deed.drops.area - Livingston shopping centres - cross to north bank at G.R.: NT 052669 ///deed.drops.area - Almond Valley heritage centre - cross to south bank at B7015 bridge - cross to north bank near Seafield - Happy Valley Road - finish

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On our visit

Wildlife: Grey squirrels, swans, goosanders, tufted ducks, mallards, little grebes, goldfinches, robins & other small birds. Alpacas, horses, donkeys & sheep at the heritage centre.
Weather: 1°C & frosty to start, a little cloud building.

Chronological photo guide

[River Almond near Mid Calder]

[A899 underpass]

[Calder Park Road bridge]

[River Almond at The Centre shopping mall]

[Bridge at The Centre]

[Riverside footpath in Livingston]

[Livingston village (13/3/21)]

[Footbridge over Lochshot Burn (13/3/21)]

[River Almond after Livingston Village (13/3/21)]

[Alpacas at the Almond Valley heritage centre]

[Almond Valley animals]

[Weir near the heritage centre (13/3/21)]

[View from Simpson Parkway bridge (13/3/21)]

[Almond Pool East (13/3/21)]

[Path beyond Livingston (13/3/21)]

[River Almond near Seafield (13/3/21)]

[River Almond near Seafield (13/3/21)]

[River Almond near Seafield (13/3/21)]

[Weir beyond Seafield (13/3/21)]


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