[Waulkmill Bay, Orkney Mainland]

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If you're looking for info about a particular place, you can see if it's featured by using the search bar at the top of the page. If it's not, we probably haven't got round to visiting it yet. If you're searching for places to explore in a specific geographical area, have a look at the Map.


We've given a star rating to every place we've visited, to help you prioritise if you're visiting for a limited time:

★★★★ one of the very best / unmissable
 one of the best
 very interesting
 minor site

Ratings are subjective and are irrespective of cost etc. Ratings for cities, towns & villages are for the town itself (i.e. not its tourist attractions, which are rated separately). The same applies for walk ratings (e.g. a walk passing a museum will be rated independently of the museum).


Walks are roughly categorised according to how long they should take an average person with a good level of fitness in normal (summer) conditions, including breaks. Allow extra time in winter conditions, poor visibility etc.

  • Short walks: under 2 hours
  • Half day walks: 2-5 hours
  • Full day walks: over 5 hours

Distances, ascent and route maps are rough estimates, compiled after the walk was completed, and shouldn't be used as a sole means of navigation. Timings are rough estimates based on average walking speed in normal conditions, including breaks. Walks are not categorised according to difficulty, but info on individual walk pages should give you an idea of what to expect. If the walk's tagged with a "refreshments available" label at the bottom of the page, there'll be somewhere to eat or drink somewhere on the route (including at the start).

If the walk's route map appears blank or shows entire continents, the map may be zoomed in or out too far. You can zoom in and out using the plus / minus symbols near the top left of the map.

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[Castle Tioram, West Highlands]


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