This interactive map shows all the places currently featured on SOBT. It might be useful for finding attractions in a specific part of Scotland, or along a particular route. For a map showing just our very favourite places, see here.

Using the map

Click any place symbol for basic info and a link to its own feature page. Map symbols are positioned at the place's actual location, which isn't always directly on a public road. Walk symbols show the walk's start point.

Click the right-pointing arrow in the top-left corner for a key. By un-checking some of the categories, you can filter the places that show up on the map (e.g. to show walks only).

Zoom in and out using the +/- icons in the bottom-left corner.

If you're signed into a Google account, click on the star next to the map title to add it to "Your Places". This saves the map to your Google Maps account, after which you can open the map directly from Google Maps to get directions to any of the places featured.

Get this on your mobile phone

Click this link on a mobile and select the option to open it with the Google Maps app. This might also help with navigation to attractions shown on our map.


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